Limited Approval to Solicit Owners re: SVCA Special General Election

The Suddenvalleyhomeowners and the Suddenvalleyvision2020 groups have been given permission by the General Manager to handout brochures and discuss the coming election with members while on common SVCA property in the following locations, and under the following conditions:

–        SVCA Mailbox clusters (mailbox clusters on Condominium Property is excluded; you must obtain permission from the Condominium President),

–        Community Parks

–        Marina 

–        Not approved: Neighborhood and door-to-door solicitation and is subject to citation.

–        Solicitation is restricted to the hours of 0900 to 1800 hours

Rules and Regulation 1.7: Actions or activities by members (or those for whom the member is responsible), either intentionally or through negligence, which may be or may become an annoyance, nuisance or hazard to adjacent property owners or unreasonably affect the quiet enjoyment of any individual, household or the neighborhood, are prohibited and subject to a Notice of Violation. Participants disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the membership or neighborhood will lose the permission to solicit.