Living with Wild Life in Sudden Valley

Sudden Valley has a wide assortment of native wild life (bears, mountain lions, racoons, deer, birds of prey, etc.) that call our valley home, and we get the joy of living among them.  They are more abundant than most know or understand, and to a major extent, we live quite harmoniously with them in our forested environment.  However, this presents a unique challenge for both people and critters. Our local Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Game Wardens (Ryan Valentine and Dave Jones) would like to discuss the ways we can all successfully coexist with our wildlife neighbors.

Recent concerns that have been expressed by some Members sparked the idea to invite our local Game Warden to the Valley to talk with us about our wild life neighbors.   They are tentatively scheduled to host a fire side chat on January 15th at 6:00 pm in the Dance Barn.    More details to follow. Requests for specific information that you would like the Wardens to address should be directed to