“Why I love Sudden Valley”, an essay contest

We’d like to hear what you love about our community! Is it the gorgeous park-like setting? The beaches? The golf course? Or something else entirely?Tell us what you love about the Valley and you could win one of three prizes:

•    1st place: $100 Gift Card*
•    2nd place: $75 Gift Card*
•    3rd place: $50 Gift Card*

Entries need to be 300 words or less. They can be submitted to the Administration Office ATTN: Communications Committee or submitted online on our Contest Page. All entries are due by May 15.

Judging will be by the Communications Committee to determine the top 5 entries, then the top five will be shared in the Views and online for voting. Votes will be counted both by Facebook “likes” as well as in-person votes submitted at the Admin office.

*Winner’s choice of El Agave, Tino’s or Valley Market.