Marina Construction Work Starts Next Tuesday September 4th.

The new Dry Fire Pipe and replacement of both wet slip gangways is scheduled to being next week.  Carmen Construction will mobilize to the Marina and set up their construction work area starting on Tuesday. 

During this effort, traffic in the Marina will be temporarily changed. The roadway adjacent to the docks will be closed to through traffic allowing the contractor to stage their work equipment and materials and traffic will be temporarily rerouted (see attached map).

The entire project is scheduled to start and complete in under 45 days during which there will be different impacts during the different phases of work.  Those impacts are:

Gangway replacement: Tentatively scheduled 9/5 through 9/11. Installation of the new gangways requires the existing gangway to be removed, new concrete foundations formed, poured and cured before the newly built gangways can be installed. Both gangways will be removed and replaced simultaneously.  During this period, there will not be shore access to the wet slips.

Installation of the underground dry pipe lines:  Tentatively scheduled 9/5 through 9/11. Areas of the Marina will be trenched open for laying new pipe then backfilled.  This is roughly shown on the attached map as dotted lines. There will be traffic routing and impacts during the trenchwork, and then later during repaving at completion.

Dry pipe fabrication on docks: Tentatively scheduled 9/12 through 9/24. Pipe systems will be fabricated on the docks during portions of this schedule.  During that work, safety protocols will be in place to allow members to access their boats. 

Installation of the dry pipes under the docks: Tentatively scheduled 9/12 through 9/24.  Fabricated pipe systems will be lowered into the water and connected to the docks.  Boats moored on the outer slips will have the greatest impact: 17 boats from each dock will need to be moved either to another slip, or onto shore for 2 weeks.

System testing and acceptance: Pressure testing and system functional testing will be performed to ensure the system works as designed. May need to access the pipe systems is and where any concerns are identified.

Our Volunteer Dock Masters, Bob Woven and Rob Gibbs are involved, will be in contact with Carmen Construction staying abreast of the activities to communicate issues and needs to the owners.

We know some wet slip boat owners may be out of town and unable to move their boats during these work periods.  Bob and Robb ask you to please send them an email with your concerns and needs so they can help our Marina community during this upgrade.

Once this work is complete, our gangways will be safety compliant and our wet slips will be compliant to the Whatcom County Fire Code.

Should you need additional information, or have other questions, please contact Andrea in Member Services or call the office at 360-734-6430.