New Board Officers Elected

New officers were elected for the Board of Directors during the 11-09-2020 special election. If you would like to see the event, please view the recorded livestream on our YouTube channel.

The officers elected are as follows:

  • President – AJ Tischleder
  • Vice President – Josh Bowens
  • Treasurer – Kimberly Harris
  • Secretary – Steffy Jones

Additionally, the following committees have new board leadership and/or members:

  • Document Review Committee (DRC) – Justin Bauer (head), Joel Dobbins
  • Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) – Brian Cope (head), AJ Tischleder
  • Communications – Joshua Bowens (head), Justin Bauer, Joel Dobbins
  • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) – Paula Birchler (head), Joshua Bowens
  • Parks, Trails, & Recreation (PTR) – Andrew Entrikin (head), Steffy Jones, Paula Birchler

If you would like to reach out to these new board members, please find their contact information at the Board of Directors webpage. If you would like to email the entire board, they can be reached at