Operational Status and Transition to Normal Operations for SVCA Maintenance (02/20/19)

a. Sudden Valley maintenance operations are returned to normal maintenance operations and no longer in a recovery phase. This transition is based on progress made on all Sudden Valley roads with the emphasis on side roads, smaller connector roads and known problem spots.

b. Current weather service forecasts indicates dryer conditions over the next several days. There is a rain/snow mix in the forecast for the weekend and the effects on the SV road system will be monitored, a response effort will be stood up if needed. Drivers should still use caution for the early morning commutes due to below freezing temperatures

c. Current maintenance operations will concluded at 04:30 PM today. Response assets will be return to designated staging areas for inspections and refit/repair as necessary.


a. Fuel status; 45% – resupply has been scheduled

b. Resupply of sand – additional sand to arrive commencing tomorrow

c. Granular deicer – additional supplies schedule to arrive tomorrow

External Notifications 

a. SWFA; notified

b. Bellingham School District Transportation; to be contacted by 3 AM on road conditions

c. Sudden Valley Amateur Radio (updates on 1610AM BeCon Emergency Info system): notified

d. Community Outlet (SVCA web page): posting to be determined after road conditions are evaluated

Future Plans and Recommendations

a. Continue to monitor weather conditions and roads with security patrol

b. Update all external notifications on conditions for roads

c. Maintenance crews to return to normal work schedule

This is the final report for the recovery phase; a detailed after action report to be submitted

This our current status for further information please contact norm@suddenvalley.