Pool Rules

Sudden Valley maintains two pools to serve the community: the Main Pool, located next to the Rec Center; and the Quiet Pool, located next to the library. The Main Pool is an active environment ideal for families where lifeguards are always present; the Quiet Pool is a smaller and more relaxed area, where people swim at their own risk. There are some shared rules for the use of the pools, and each of these amenities has some rules of its own to ensure safety and enjoyment in the two different environments.

These Rules Apply to Both Pools:

  • All swimmers must shower with soap and water prior to swimming.
  • People with seizure, heart, or circulatory problems should not swim alone.
  • Enter the pool from the wet step feet first or use ladders or stairs.
  • Use of facility is prohibited if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No food or drinks in the pool. Food and drinks may be consumed a minimum of four feet away from the pool edge.
  • No glass within the facility.
  • Persons with a communicable disease or who have been ill with vomiting or incontinence within the last two weeks cannot use the pool; includes open sores or lesions.
  • No diving.
  • No breath-holding or prolonged underwater lap swimming.
  • No inflatable devices are allowed except Coast Guard-approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs). Those requiring use of PFDs must remain within arm’s reach of an adult.
  • Swim-specific attire required. Long hair must be pulled back and no shoes are allowed within the pool.
  • Violation of Pool Rules shall be $25.00 for the first offense plus suspension of pool privileges for 30 days, with doubling of the monetary fine, and 30 days suspension, for each subsequent violation.

Main Pool Rules:

  • No swimming unless a Lifeguard is on duty.
  • The Lifeguards are always in charge. Lifeguards have final authority to enforce all pool rules.
  • Pool use will be limited to a safe number as determined by the lifeguard on duty.
  • Lifeguards may request individuals to prove their swimming ability. Lifeguards may restrict use of the pool by non-swimmers. All minors are subject to a swim test.
  • Use of fins, snorkels, or any toys must be authorized by the Lifeguard on duty.
  • Maximum occupancy of 150 persons within the pool facility.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and pets are prohibited in facility.
  • Adults or children who use diapers must use swim-specific diapers and wear a protective covering to prevent contamination. Diaper changing in the pool facility is prohibited.
  • No horseplay, running, playing on ladders, throwing objects/swimmers or riding on shoulders. No water or squirt gun toys are allowed.
  • Spitting, spouting, or swallowing water from mouth or blowing nose in the pool is prohibited.
  • No hanging on or swimming across occupied lap lanes during lap swimming specific swim times. Lap lanes in the pool during “open swim” are not exclusive and may need to be shared.

Quiet Pool Rules:

  • No Lifeguards on duty. Swim at your own risk.
  • This is a limited use pool for use by SVCA Members, renters, and guests only. The Quiet Pool is for the quiet enjoyment of all SVCA members.
  • No activities shall be conducted at the Quiet Pool as to put the pool into the classification of a general use pool.
  • Alcohol may be consumed at this pool by persons of legal age.
  • Maximum occupancy of the Quiet Pool is 30. Pool occupancy is set at 25 adults and 5 children.
  • If you don’t follow the rules, you may be removed from the premises.
  • In an emergency, call 9-1-1. Emergency phone is located within the designated pool area.
  • Child Safety Requirements:
    • Due to lack of lifeguards, all children under the age of 18 (minor) shall be accompanied by an authorized adult to ensure the safety of the minor around water hazards.
    • All children under 18 must have passed a Swim Test given by a SVCA Lifeguard and be wearing a bracelet issued that day.
    • When a child twelve years of age or less is using the pool, an authorized adult must always accompany the child and be at the pool or pool deck when the child uses the facility.
    • If an individual between 13 and 17 is using the pool, at least two other people must be at the pool facility.
    • There is a maximum of two children that one adult may bring to the pool.
    • Children who are not potty-trained may not use the Quiet Pool.
    • All children 7 and under must have an adult in the water supervising them at all times.