Preparation for Marina Spit Construction — Kayaks being relocated

A letter has been sent to all kayak owners requesting them to relocate their kayaks to the new rack location to enable construction to begin armoring the shoreline. Please read the letter HERE.

Important to note:

    • The first moves start on Thursday, November 8, 2018
    • In the unfortunate event a kayak is not moved by the due date, staff will cut the lock, relocate the craft to the new location, install a new lock, send an invoice for payment and notify the owner of the action taken.
    • Boats must have a SVCA sticker attached or it will be relocated, locked and not available without first contacting Member Services for relocation payment and an authorization for release.

The temporary boat rack layout is below:

The Boat Rack Move Schedule can be found HERE.

Please contact the Administrative Offices at 360-734-6430 with any questions or concerns.