Public Safety Announcement: Parking Tips

Take a moment to observe your surroundings when leaving or returning to your car.

If your car is stored in a carport or parked near your house, leave your exterior lights on throughout the night.

Increase the visibility of parking spaces on residential or business properties by trimming back trees and bushes, and installing motion-detecting lighting.

Do not leave valuable items in your car such as laptops, wallets, garage door openers etc.

If you park on the street, choose a well-lit, open space.


Contact Whatcom County Sheriffs Officer dispatch and 911 (non-emergency) or file an online report at

If the crime is occurring call 911 immediately to report the crime (be careful and take caution since the intentions of the criminal are not known)

File a report with SVCA Security after the crime has been reported, this helps to develop a better patrol strategy.

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Contact: Norm Smith at or 360-746-8437