Recreational Fires Banned

Please help keep our community safe from the threat of fire!

Summer weather is encouraging everyone to get outside and enjoy the season. Unfortunately, one traditional warm-weather activity — campfires — can threaten the safety of our unique forest community. Please be aware that a burn ban is currently in place.

SVCA’s Rules & Regulations state that a burn ban automatically goes into effect in Sudden Valley if Whatcom County declares a burn ban. On June 9th, the South Whatcom Fire Authority implemented a Stage One burn ban, triggering this requirement.

The Rules & Regulations explain that when a burn ban is in effect, no outdoor fires except properly enclosed cooking fires using gas or charcoal as fuel will be permitted. All other outdoor fires (open flame, including recreational fires) are prohibited for the duration of the burn ban. Sudden Valley’s rules are more restrictive than those of the County. Even though recreational fires are still allowed by the county, SVCA rules are clear that no recreational fires with open flames will be allowed. Violation of the burn ban can result in a fine of $250. The fine increases to $500 if there is a subsequent violation.