Recycle and Garbage Pick Up – SVCA

Given Mother Nature decided to play snow fall games on December 9th and again today on the 23rd, a significant number of residents have accumulated several weeks of recycling and in some cases, garbage too.

SSC, our service provider is aware and understands the issue.  They were here in force this morning, and are pulling back due to worker and driver safety issues; they have already experienced an employee injury today.

We are coordinating with SSC on optional means for recycle collections.  In the meantime, we are asking all SVCA residents to pull their recycle back from their road side pick-up location.  Our road conditions are such that staged collections materials at road sides are being hit by vehicles spreading garbage and recycle along roads.  This is for all of our safety.

We will communicate with the membership on a recycle collections plan over the week; given the holidays and the weather, it is the situation.  We will adapt, and come up with a plan as conditions allow.

Again, please bring your recycling and garbage containers back up to your home away from the roads.

Thank you.