The homeowners association pays for common area water and electricity.  You pay all other utilities that serve your home.  Here is a list of area utility companies:

Electric Puget Sound Energy 888‐225‐5773
Water/Sewer Lake Whatcom Water/Sewer 360‐734‐9224
Natural Gas Cascade Natural Gas 360‐733‐5980
Propane: Various
Black cap Vanderyacht Propane 360‐398‐1234
Red cap Whatcom Farmer’s Co‐op 360‐354‐4595
Green Cap Northwest Propane 800‐254‐4471
Blue cap Propane Gas Inc. 360‐384‐4922
Garbage/Recycling* Sanitary Service Company 360‐734‐3490
Cable Comcast 888-824-8520
Qwest 800‐244‐1111
Satellite** Direct TV (also avail. thru CenturyLink) 800‐234‐9441
Dish Network 888‐825‐2557
Telephone Various Consult Yellow Pages
Internet Internet Various, including Comcast/CenturyLink Consult Yellow Pages

** GARBAGE & RECYCLING:  Recycling containers are available with your garbage service through the Sanitary Service Company. Garbage should be placed only in a covered 32 gallon roll cart placed on the curb on your designated collection day.  Please return your roll cart to your garage or carport by the end of the day.

**SATELLITE: While satellite dishes are allowed within Sudden Valley, their placement is regulated. Satellites CANNOT be mounted to trees (per FCC regulation) and cannot be placed in right‐of‐ways or on neighboring properties. If you are unsure about the placement of a dish, please contact the Community & Environmental Services Department at 734‐6430 ext. 302 for assistance before agreeing to a contract.