Volunteer Opportunities

Work as a volunteer allows us to tend to the smaller details that make Sudden Valley special. By maintaining trails, directing traffic at SVCA events, picking up trash from the roadside, and helping to complete many other tasks, you are building community and making us proud to call Sudden Valley home.


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Association Board and Various Committees

You can email the entire Board of Directors at bod@suddenvalley.com.

Board PresidentKeith McLean/ bodmclean@suddenvalley.com
Architectural Control CommitteeDaniel Rodriguez/ bodrodriguez@suddenvalley.com
Document Review CommitteeLinda Bradley/ bodbradley@suddenvalley.com
Finance CommitteeLaurie Robinson/ bodrobinson@suddenvalley.com
Long-Range Planning CommitteeAJ Tischleder/ bodtischleder@suddenvalley.com
Nomination & Election CommitteeRobb Gibbs/ bodgibbs@suddenvalley.com

Opportunities to Volunteer for One Time or Event
Contact Administration 360-734‐6430