Response to Member’s 1/14/2016 Work Session Presentation

Leslie McRoberts, Communication Committee Chair

At the Thursday January 14 Work Session, a member spoke to the Board about the following concerns:

Paying Dues Quarterly – Members may still pay quarterly by sending in 3 coupons and paying three months at a time.

Community Events – In 2015 the SVCA either sponsored or participated in the following events:

  • Meet the Sheriff – Feb. 25 (SV event)
  • Firefighters Appreciation Dinner – March 28 (SV event)
  • Easter Egg Hunt and Hot Dog Lunch – Apr. 5 (CTK and SV event)
  • Fishing Derby – Apr. 25 (SV event, volunteer)
  • Spring Flea Market – May 30 (SV event)
  • Fourth of July Fireworks at the Marina – Jul. 4 (SV event, EPC)
  • Summer Flea Market – Jul. 25 (SV event)
  • Spirit Day – Aug. 15 (SV event)
  • County Candidates Town Hall – Sep. 30 (SV event)
  • Town Hall and Barbecue – Oct. 4 (SV event, donations)
  • Town Hall – Oct. 6
  • Candidates’ Forums – Oct. 11 & 13 (Communication Committee)
  • Safety Fair – Oct. 17 (SV event, EPC)
  • Halloween – Oct. 31 (YMCA)
  • Arts and Crafts Fair – Nov. 21 (SV event)
  • Breakfast with Santa – Dec. 12 (SV event)

All of these events have been advertised in the Views, on the website, on the gate signs, on sandwich boards, and many other venues. We will not be able to sponsor as many events this year because of a reduction in available funds. Wherever possible, we will be combining events and requesting donations.

Financial Information in the Views – 2015 was a difficult year for financial reporting. It wasn’t until September after working painstakingly with the Auditors that we were able to understand where Sudden Valley’s funds had been deposited by previous management. No funds were missing; however they had been deposited into the wrong accounts. We expect to publish regular financial statements in the Views in 2016.

Communication at the Mailboxes – Expansion of gate signs to the mailboxes has been under consideration. At the present time, there are no funds to purchase the stands to do this. It would also more than double the existing number of locations requiring considerable additional time for an employee to post the signs.

Lack of Communication Opportunities – SVCA Members can get information from the following sources:

  • Sudden Valley Views – delivered monthly to every member (unless you have opted out), copies are also placed at Admin, the Barns, at the Valley Services area. This publication is required in the bylaws. Members may send letters to the editor or articles to
  • Sudden Valley Views Online – is the online version of the Views and is updated monthly. It also provides an opportunity to add content between issues of the hard copy of the Views.
  • Sudden Valley Website ( – Main site for all Sudden Valley information:
  1. Announcements – the latest information
  2. Views – if you want to read the entire publication online
  3. Documents – bylaws, Rules and Regulations, ACC Guidelines, Fines and Fees, Forest Management Plan, Reserve Study, Appeals Procedures, etc.
  4. Committees – Member list, agendas, minutes
  5. Board Meetings – Agendas, minutes, audio recordings
  6. Events Calendar
  7. 2016 AGM Election Materials and Results
  8. ACC Forms
  • Eblasts – published at least once a month, it contains reminders of events and other items of interest to members. There are currently nearly 2,000 Sudden Valley recipients. Submit your email address to Admin to receive the Eblasts.
  • Gate Signs – posted weekly with brief reminders of Sudden Valley meetings and events. For complete information, check out the Sudden Valley Website at
  • Sudden Valley Facebook Page – under development
  • Bulletin Board at Admin Offices – notification and agendas for Board meetings are required to be posted on the bulletin board at the Admin Offices just outside the main entrance.
  • Town Halls – held occasionally either in the evening or on the weekend for a variety of topics, at least 2 meetings have been held before an AGM to explain the budget and other measures.
  • Member Comments at Board Meetings – at the beginning of every Board meeting there is an opportunity for members to speak; at the beginning of Board Work Sessions there are 2 slots set aside for members who wish to speak for 10 minutes. Please sign up ahead of time for these slots by calling Admin.
  • Member Comments at Finance Committee Meetings – at the beginning of every Finance Committee meeting there is an opportunity for members to speak and ask questions.
  • Resident Surveys –development was just completed and the first survey will be available at the end of January for a Long Range Planning questionnaire.

Members are welcome to attend all Board meetings and committee meetings. Minutes of these meetings are posted on the SV website. According to Article VI Section 2 of the bylaws, members have the right to examine the books of the corporation “at any reasonable time”.

The Board is making every effort to keep the members informed. If there is something we have missed, please let us know at