Revitalization Project Update

Members may notice multiple sub-contractors working around the valley digging small inspection holes or peeking in and under our facilities with flashlights or inspection tools.  Wilson Engineering, the winning Contractor to prepare a SVCA Revitalization Project Plan, has multiple Engineers performing field investigations and surveys at the Marina, Area Z and inside the Recreation Corridor.

Hands on physical site inspections and surveys are essential to provide credible cost and schedule plans for revitalization of our three areas (Marina, Recreation Corridor and Area Z).  Engineering staff are inspecting the bulkhead on the spit at the Marina, the docks, wet slips and launches.  These staff are boring small holes to determine stormwater drainage in the recreation corridor and crawling through Barn 8 conducting a structural evaluation and taking measurements of the building’s interior structure to explore architectural opportunities.  Other Engineering staff have been mapping our wet lands, streams and habitat boundaries as a fundamental first step in designing our revitalization; this map will ensure our designs reflect our honest stewardship protection of the environment in our valley.

We are all very excited to see the first (of three) design presentations now being scheduled for April 5th.  Time and location to be announced shortly.