Road Closed on Southern Court (Gate 28 – Rock Slide)

When: 07/24/2019 from 07:30 PM till further notice

Where: Gate 28 (Southern Court)

What: The road at Gate 28 (Southern Court) is blocked by a rock slide and is closed till further notice. A contractor has been brought in by Sudden Valley to start to clear the slide area, however due to the nature of rock slides and slides in general the area is considered hazardous till further notice. The below photo shows the extent of the slide:

Traffic cones have been put in place at the bottom of Southern Court at Lake Whatcom Blvd and at the top of Gate 5, again do not transit this area until it has been certified as safe.

Contact: Bruce Bishop at or 360-724-8400 or Norm Smith at or 360-746-8437