Roads Update

The contractor performing our roads work is nearing completion of pothole repair and all of the new road sections being installed are complete at this time.  Road painting, which was delayed, has now resumed.  The road map HERE shows the locations where roads will receive just white edge painting on both side (fog lines) and those receiving both fog lines and center lines.

Members and SVCA staff have reported locations where the contractor painted on dirt or where debris on the roadway blocked the paint.  We also received one report of an incomplete repair to a pot hole in Gate 3.  These quality control issues need to be identified and reported so we can direct the Contractor to specific locations where additional work is yet required.  If you see one of these issues, we are asking all members to please send an email to stating the location and deficiency type (missing paint or incomplete repair; white or yellow line).

Along with completing the road striping, contractor work now includes painting the speed bumps and stop lines at stop signs.  Next week they will be performing crack sealing on Marigold Drive and at Gate 13 on Western Lane to wrap up the scope of work.

Please send us the locations and types of deficient work you observe so the contractor can respond efficiently to complete the work.

Thank you,

Mitch Waterman, General Manager