Security Alert:

There has been a recent increase prowling.  We can expect prowling to continue to be an issue as we move into summer, but we should all be more aware and keep our homes and vehicles locked.

What to do if you see a crime in progress:

  1. Call 911 immediately, describe individuals, location and activity.
  2. Call Security at (360) 319-8200.

What to do if you know a crime has been committed:

  1. File a report online with Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office at: or call (360) 676-6650 during business hours.
  2. Call Security at (360) 319-8200.

Community Watch – Be Proactive:

To help reduce the crime rate in our community, below  are some simple ways that all of us can participate:

  • Lock your cars. Car prowlers are looking for opportunity so an unlocked vehicle is an easy target.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in your cars (electronic devices, computers etc.).
  • No one knows how to recognize abnormal activity better than the residents who live in a neighborhood. If you see vehicles, people etc., that are not normal for your neighborhood, contact Security.
  • If you are going on vacation, let someone know. Sudden Valley does offer a “Home Security Program” available through Member Services. However, whether you choose to use this program or not, let someone you know you are gone so you can be assured someone you trust is paying attention and can contact you if they see something concerning.

The following link is one of many helpful hints available on the internet

Being proactive in home and neighborhood security is a the best way to deter suspicious activity — if you see something, say something!