Security Vehicle Light Bars

Sudden Valley Security’s vehicles have had the same light bars for decades.  These light bars can produce either red/ white or amber lights when activated. Recently, members of the community inquired as to the legality of using this existing light configuration. The specific question asked if use of the flashing red/white combination on Sudden Valley internal roads is legally allowed. The following are the facts in regard to this matter:

  • The RCW that governs use of emergency lights applies to public roads. Sudden Valley Security is prohibited from use of the red/white light combination on public roads ways, by-ways, and state or federal road systems.
  • Sudden Valley Security can legally utilize their light bars as configured on Sudden Valley roads which are private.
  • Sudden Valley Security, when requested to assist South Whatcom Fire Authority or the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office on a public road, can only use the bar’s amber lights.
  • Security has the authority to signal drivers on Sudden Valley roads to pull over using it’s red/ white flashing lights and/ or audible siren.
  • Security does not have the authority to detain anyone.
  • The Association has the authority to issue Citations (fines) for failure to yield to SVCA Security Vehicles or to provide identification to SVCA Security personnel.

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