On Tuesday, June 14th, petitions for the recall of 3 SVCA executive board directors were dropped off at the Association’s law firm. On Wednesday, June 15th, these were retrieved by Board president AJ Tischleder and N&E chair, Nancy Alyanak. 

As per the bylaws, the president is required to hold an SGM for any legal petitions with signatures from at least 10% of all members–or 313. After careful vetting and recounting as a result of slim margins, the N&E committee found that two petitions had enough valid signatures to move forward.  AJ Tischleder (321) and Sonia Voldt (318) will go forward. A third, Josh Bowens (310) did not have the required number of signatures. 

A voting packet will be sent by mail and the recall SGM will be held on August 13, 2022. Further information about the process will be forthcoming from the N&E committee. 

~Andrew “AJ” Tischleder, SVCA Board President