Situation Report on the Rock Slide at 28 Southern Court (Sudden Valley) July 24th.


a. Unchanged, Southern Court (Gate 2) road is closed to traffic till 16:30 PM tonight.
b. Current NWS weather forecast:

Tonight Clear, with a low around 56. West northwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the evening


a. 16:00 PM; SVCA Maintenance crews and Contractor are still involved in restoration of and cleanup of the road and surrounding area. Crews to stand down for this operational period at 16:30 PM

Amplifying Information:

a. Cleanup and restoration of slide area to continue on 07/26/19 and conclude on 07/29/19.
b. Southern Court (Gate 28) will be open for traffic commencing at 16:30 PM tonight till 08:00 AM on 07/26/19.
c. Updates to be posted on the Sudden Valley website; 1610 a.m. BeCon Traffic Information System, and social media outlets.

This report to be updated by July 26th by 8 AM or as needed