Snow and Ice Readiness

Jacob Close has the Lead for ensuring readiness to respond to snow/ ice on SVCA roads.

He reports Association readiness posture as follows:

  • 4 Plows/Sander/Deicer Trucks are set up, staged and ready by 4:30 today.
  • 1  Truck set up for plowing roads staged and ready by 4:30 today.
  • Security Vehicle (SP-4) tires were replaced (all season snow) today.
  • SP-2 chained up ready for driving as weather conditions change. 
  • If it snows, staff is ready to respond to keep our primary roads open.
  • Fuel/ de-ice supplies inventory as of 12-1-16:
  • Gas – 900 gallons
  • Diesel – 400 gallons (Plow trucks are full)
  • 1000 gallons deicer in inventory for re-fill

All of these actions are detailed in our Seasonal Plans managed by Norm Smith.  Norm, Jacob and Bruce initiated readiness as specified, including re-training and qualification of the Pacific Security staff to measure roads for ice conditions.  The Pacific Security measurements reported to our Managers initiates the call out of staff to de-ice our roads.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.