Snow Removal Strategy 2020

The Association is sure some Members are asking questions and wondering as to why we do or do not plow and sand their street: this question is asked each year so its best we communicate how and what we do, and why.

Our snow plow staff are following a well-defined and well thought out plan designed to open and sustain access to the significant majority of residents with the least risk. Plow and sanding focus begins with Priority 1 Roads and Priority 2 Roads. Our snow plow map can be located and viewed on our SVCA Web Page, under resident resources, bottom of page under Maps; 2020 Snow Maps.

The goal of our snow plow operations is to address the most significant roads to gain access to the majority of the residents. This also includes providing access for emergency vehicles. As the Valley is into a (highly probable) multi day snow event, our snow response vehicles were all prepped and ready and our crews were fully deployed when today’s storm began. Our crews will work full shifts in this weather pattern, and they need all of your support. Their shift may start as early as 4:00 in the morning, and can extend until 7:00 at night. The vehicles receive maintenance at the end of the shift, are refueled, re-loaded with supplies, and staged for rapid start in the morning. We have 5 plows and a reloading crew that operates a front loader to re-fill the vehicles.

Our biggest challenge is abandoned cars on the road; they are a serious impact to safety; they must be towed. If you find yourself stuck on the road in your car, notify security tell them where the car is, the type, and your contact information, leave a message at your car with your name clearly visible for staff to read and contact you. Priority # 1: keep our main roads open. Security is the best way to communicate with all of our staff during snow events, especially on weekends and after hours.