Snow Response Highlight – A New Tool in the Battle

Snow and icy conditions have finally showed up in Sudden Valley and we are responding, but SVCA would like to introduce you to a new tool in the tool box; a contracted (non Sudden Valley owned) snow plow and deicing equipped UTV.

When snow response planning kicked off in March 2019 it was apparent that the age old problem of how to best address neighborhoods, condos and narrow side roads was still an issue and needed to be solved.

The General Manager, who has decades of snow removal experience, had as part of our planning introduced the idea to find a contractor that would be able to meet the objectives of accessing difficult areas using his own equipment. A contractor was identified and agreed to terms to be on call for a response.

The contractor was called in and deployed for this response last evening. This is the first time that Sudden Valley has utilized this type of response asset and so far, this has met the need to plow out and sand areas like Gate 28 and other difficult places….so expect to see him around!

(Photo Cred: Mandy Harmon – thank you!)