SSC Service Update

The weather forecast for Friday, February 8, 2019 is calling for snow. This may limit the ability of the Sanitary Service Company’s (SSC) trucks to reach some of the homes in Sudden Valley.  SSC developed a contingency plan earlier this year for just such a problem and has implemented the plan effective today for SSC customers.

If you’re a SSC customer and your regular scheduled weekly garbage pickup is tomorrow Friday, February 8, the contingency plan for Friday, February 8 2019 collection is as follows:

SSC has staged two 30-yard trash containers at Sudden Valley’s Maintenance Yard, Area Z, located at 2800 Lake Louise Road. These containers will be available to SSC customers of Sudden Valley to dump trash at no charge on the following schedule. If you are unable to deliver your garbage to Area Z, you may set out extra trash at the curb (equivalent to your missed pick up) on your next scheduled collection day at no extra charge,  to make up for the missed collection due to the road conditions.