Our fall season is definitely upon us.  Maintenance started our fall street sweeping program the second week of October, just in time to be trumped by Mother Nature’s first series of storms. We have pretty much cleaned up major storm debris and will return to sweeping our roads on October 26, 2017. Although we have made passes through all the gates prior to the storm, we will be coming back again.

For general information, maintenance’s sweeping schedule operates the street sweeper Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, Sanitary Service trucks and trash totes prevent the street sweeper from working efficiently. There are times during the weekly schedule that we take the street sweeper out of service for fueling, required maintenance based on hours operated, and to change the street sweeping brushes.

As residents, you can help the operator of the sweeper by keeping the shoulder of the road in front of your homes free of parked vehicles and other obstacles. An item to remember; the street sweeper is not capable of picking up debris. It does leave a line of road sweeping on the edge of the road and in front of driveways.

Bruce Bishop, Maintenance Manager