Sudden Valley Community Gardens Information

Community Garden at Area Z

In the most recent issue of The Views, there was a misprint in the email contact information for the Sudden Valley Barn View Community Garden. The correct advertisement, and email contact, is as follows:


If you live in the shade or on a hill and you would like to do some gardening, there is still some hope. Did you know that Sudden Valley has two community garden areas? You can get a plot and grow your favorite vegetables, flowers or fruit and meet some great people who share your likes.

One garden is located in Area Z accessed by Honeycomb and across the bridge. The other garden is located by the barns. There is a $50 first time charge and then yearly dues of $30. Come join us. Get your hands dirty and watch your plants grow.

If you are interested, you can contact Patrick Neher at 360-312-3811 or for Area Z, or Whitney Pearce at for the Barn View garden.

Come have some fun!