Sudden Valley Excess Lot Clearance Auction

The Association currently owns 20 excess vacant lots and nine (9) excess ULIDs that will be auctioned off at a live auction on March 10th in the Dance Barn.  Four lots have been removed from the auction pending further evaluation and potential transfer into permanent green space.   This is a clearance sale eliminating the Association’s remainder of buildable properties and excess ULIDs held by the Association. The Association will be following the same process utilized by the County on tax auctions.

All bidders must be registered to bid at the auction.  When registering, bidders will read and sign the Terms and Conditions of the auction, and then receive their bidder’s card.  Bidders cards are required to bid during the auction. 

  • Those wishing to bid must be present or have a representative present at the auction.
  • The auctioneer announces the minimum bid for each parcel. Bids are made in increments of $100 dollars or more.
  • These are oral auctions. To bid, you must hold up your issued bidder card and call out the bid amount.
  • Each lot is sold to the highest bidder.

Final Terms of Sale will be published on March 1st.

Registration will be available in person at the Association Office a week before the auction. The Association office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm. You may also register on the day of the auction between 11:00 and 12:45 at the Dance Barn.  Registration will close at 12:45. There is no fee to register.  The auction will begin at 1:00 and proceed until all lots have been bid upon; lots not sold will be transferred into permanent green space.

New information Updated for February:

Successful bidders are required to pay for the lot in full before bidding continues.  All lot sales will include the additional cost of the first year’s dues.  The Association will accept only cash, cashier checks, or money orders made payable to Whatcom Land Title for the sale of the property.  Absolutely no personal, business, or traveler’s checks or credit cards will be accepted.  Members may pay for their 1st years dues by personal check, cash, cashier checks, money orders made payable to Sudden Valley Community Association; they may not pay their dues by credit card.

Properties are sold “As is/ Where is” and will be transferred on a Quit Claim through Whatcom Land Title or another title company.   The attached property list will be advertised openly for a minimum of 60 days prior to auction for potential buyers to conduct research, view the property, conduct their evaluations to make an informed purchase.  Liens on lots placed by the Association will be removed after sale.

If you have questions please contact Gil Martinez, Sudden Valley Accounting Office at

ULIDs – Auction Bid is $900 plus $250 required by Water District to transfer.