Sudden Valley Road Conditions: Chains Suggested for Upper Gates.

Drivers need to be extra cautious when driving on our Sudden Valley roads.  We are advising drivers to use chains or other appropriate traction (studded tires, snow tires as examples) when driving on our roads at this time.

Ice remains on the surface of roads that sunlight doesn’t reach, and in particular in our upper gates.  Maintenance staff have been applying both de-icier and sand/ salt mixture today since 4:30 am.  The weather is not cooperating: at 25 degrees or less, salt is not effective in melting snow, and because our higher elevation and tree covered roads receive little or no sunlight there is no benefit from continued salt applications; those roads remain ice covered.   Our snow plows will not cut ice, they have rubber edges suited for snow plowing.  Past experience in SV with ice plowing showed we caused more damage to our roads from their use (they will pop up sewer grates and rip up speed bump as two examples).

That stated, today our crews have been spraying sand/ salt mixture in an attempt to have some ice melt and carry the sand into the ice to provide traction.  In some areas, it has been effective, others where heavily forested, not so much.  Crews will return at 0430 tomorrow to work our roads, and will continue efforts to ensure roads are as safe as they can be under current conditions.

Please exercise caution while driving, and common sense to ensure your safety and the safety of others.