SVCA Employee Benefits Detail

Sudden Valley Community Association provides a basic health care package for its full-time regular employees. Detailed information regarding the full offering of benefits is provided below:

Number of Full-Time Benefits Eligible Employees (EE):                                                 24

Total Number of Employees opting to receive/purchase benefits:                           19


It is the standard practice during benefits renewal periods for our insurance broker to take SVCA out to market to at least three or more providers to compare costs and programs. SVCA consistently has chosen the lowest-cost provider, which doesn’t always mean a very comprehensive package for our employees. For instance, deductibles are higher, co-insurance costs more and so do co-pays. SVCA pays the entire cost of the employee benefit for medical and dental. All other benefits, including spouse and dependent coverage, are voluntary and are paid for in full by the employee. The full list of benefits offered to employees (and who pays for them) is below:

Medical/Dental                                 Employer Paid for EE, EE paid for Spouse & Dependents

Short/Long Term Disability         Voluntary, EE Paid

Vision                                                    Voluntary, EE Paid

Life & Accident Insurance             Voluntary, EE Paid

FSA                                                         Voluntary, EE Paid

EAP*                                                       ER Paid

*SVCA also offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to its employees to provide free short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and assistance with other work-related or personal concerns.

For any further questions regarding this information, please contact Mitch Waterman, General Manager at