SVCA Operational Status Next 24 Hours (2/18/19)


a. Weather Service forecasts state to expect snow commencing this evening on through till tomorrow (Tuesday). however they differ in the amount of snow and the location of the snow in Whatcom County.

b. SVCA response assets will be deployed tomorrow (2/19) depending on assessment of road conditions at 3 a.m..

Current Status

a. SVCA Maintenance has continued to address areas where ice and compacted snow had accumulated and will continue to do so through the rest of the day.

b. Response assets at the end of today’s operational well return to their designated staging areas available for deployment depending on road and weather report tomorrow.

c. SVCA Maintenance crews have already been alerted to the potential of a early start at 4 a.m.


a. Fuel 50 %

b. Sand and granular deicer: at inventory limits new shipment was received 02/18

c. Liquid de-icer also received 02/18

Amplifying Information

a. Road report will be obtained by 3 a.m. 2/19 and communicated to Sudden Valley response managers and externally.

b. Bellingham School District transportation will be notified of the road conditions. It is unknown at the time of this report if school buses will be on regular schedule or snow routes or other

c. Updated road report will be posted on the Sudden Valley website, 161O AM (BECON Information System), cascaded to Social Media and to Pacific Security Dispatch at 360.319.8200, at 6 AM

d. Status of Sudden Valley administrative offices, recreation center and gym and status of Sudden Valley employees to be determined by management

This report will be updated as conditions change For more information contact