SVCA Operational Status – Snow Response

The current snow fall combined with weather conditions is playing havoc on driving conditions in Whatcom County, and in particular with our SVCA roads.    Snow weight due to high moisture content is also impacting tree limbs; snow plow drivers have reported snow laden branches breaking and falling on roads with near misses to their vehicles.  SSC has pulled back to main roads at this time; they have already experienced an injury to an employee from a fall.  We will conference with them at 1 PM today.

The high moisture content negates our use of spraying ice melt at this time as it will dissipate quickly. We have been spreading sand mixed with salt this morning and are stopping due to the amount of snow fall; we are just plowing the sand/ salt off the road on the next past.

Given these conditions, we are going to a snow-plow only until weather conditions change.  We have four plows on our roads as follows: one plow dedicated to Gate 5; two plows dedicated to Gates 3/ 9/ 13, and 1 plow dedicated to Gates 1 & 2.  Our plows are being rotated out at this moment to chain them up, and then they will return to their assigned work zones.  They are only focusing on main roads. When crews encounter vehicles parked on roads it impedes their ability to plow your roads; please do not park on the roads and ask your neighbors to do the same.

We advise 4 wheel drive and chains on roads at this time.  When available and safe, if you anticipate needing to drive, move your vehicle to a lower Gate parking area.

We are going to cease snow plow operations today at 7 PM and will resume tomorrow morning no sooner than 5 AM weather dependent.

We have requested County maintenance to plow Lake Whatcom Blvd and Lake Louise Road; we will continue to communicate using all of our contacts.