SVCA Roads Update

There is at least 3 inches of snow on all Sudden Valley roads with 5 to 7 inches reported in the upper gates.

Current road conditions are poor due to the accumulation of snow which makes driving conditions vary treacherous. Currently driving should not be done unless absolutely necessary and only with extreme caution.

Sudden Valley Maintenance crews will commence operations at 430 AM

Again, conditions for driving are very poor and should only be done with extreme caution until there is some clearing of the roads. As with the previous road report, if you must drive it is highly suggested to only do so with chains, rated winter tires and with an all wheel drive vehicle….if you do not have to¬† drive please don’t.

For updated road information call Security at 360.319.8200 or listen to 1610 AM

A progress report will be posted at approximately 10 a.m. on 02/12/19