SVCA Snow Response 11/3/17

Hello, folks!  We’ve had our first snow of the year and it’s gorgeous out in the Valley.
Staff from Maintenance, Turf Care and Safety, Security and Compliance were activated at 3 a.m., and by 11 a.m. had cleared an inch of snow and some 28 downed trees and limbs blocking roadways.

Thank you for not calling in about snow…it really helped keep our lines free to coordinate with members about road blockages – big help!  To learn about how we prioritize and direct our snow removal efforts, please click HERE.

For blocked roadways due to trees/limbs, we prioritize and direct our efforts situationally, but following this general rule of thumb:

  1. Complete blockage (no access)
  2. 2 Lanes Blocked
  3. 1 Lane Blocked

If you see a tree or limb blocking a road, please call Security (360) 319-8200 with the following information:

  • Where is it? (nearest address or cross street)
  • Blocking one lane or both?

We very much appreciate the extra sets of eyes and having some basic information saves us a lot of time, enabling us to respond more quickly and effectively for you.  Thank you for your help this morning – great job all ‘round!