Taco Tuesday Town Hall

The Association is holding a Town Hall meeting in El Agave tomorrow, June 20th between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.  All Property Owners of the Community are invited to attend and bring their children.  A Taco Buffet will be set up for members to make their own plate and enjoy El Agave’s Taco’s.

This is an informational town hall. We will be discussing the status of our Capital money and the impact Revitalization will have if it does or does not pass. Discussing this will be three volunteers:

  • Pug Edmonds (Capital Roads, Finance Committee)
  • Rick Grey (Capital Repair Replacement Reserve Funds, Finance Committee)
  • Tony Louzao (Capital Repair Replacement Reserve Funds, Finance Committee)

Secondly, our request for members to send in their rumors (questions) has been extraordinarily helpful.  Eric Trower, Chair of Communications Committee, SVCA Board of Directors, will be answering those questions submitted by the members.

As an Association Town Hall, organized groups, either “Yes” or “No” will not be active participants in this Town hall; we are all Members at this meeting.

  • No “Yes” or “No” brochures will be allowed for hand out at the Town Hall or Clubhouse.
  • Civility is required, yelling, over talking or intimidating behaviors will not be allowed.
  • All participants are encouraged to ask questions when recognized by the Association’s volunteers.
  • Members are asked to keep the focus of their questions to the subject of Revitalization.

We are looking forward to an enjoyable and informative evening together.



Mitch Waterman, General Manager