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Sudden Valley Inclement Weather Posture

The following is the Situation Report (SITREP) for Sudden Valley Community Association as of 15:00 local on 02/21/2018

Current Situation

Current weather shows snow in the forecast from less than an inch to up to 3 inches. With the wide range in the forecast, Sudden Valley has taken the following measures;

Road Conditions

Currently the roads are bare. Icy spots that were reported earlier today have been mitigated. The maintenance staff has applied liquid deicer to all Sudden Valley main roads. Sudden Valley Security will monitor the road conditions through the evening and report any safety/hazard conditions.

Logistics Section


Sudden Valley has the following response equipment available

(4) Plows, Sanders and deicer capable vehicles

(1) Plow and Sander

Response Supplies

Granular deicer – 5 pallets

Liquide deicer – 1,750 gallons of liquid deicer

Crew Availability

All maintenance/turf care crews are available for call in if needed

Operations/Communication (external)

Emergency Information System (1610 AM) is non-operational. Pacific Security Dispatch has been notified to let residents who call in on road conditions to be referred to the Sudden Valley Community Association web site www.suddenvalley.com for updates

Amplifying Information

All equipment for downed trees is operational and ready to deploy

A follow up report will be sent for the next operational period (approx. 08:30 AM on 02/22/2018)