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Medical Transport in Snow Emergencies

What: During a snow emergency, populations at risk (those with medical appointments or durable medical equipment) may have difficulty in getting to a designated pickup location out of the upper gates due to road conditions. To provide the updated weather response plans and conditions, Sudden Valley has started a text message-based notification system which can provide these updates. To the populations at risk, this type of information can be very useful to you, but to receive this information you have to provide your contact information. Here is the link to the sign-up for the alerts on the Sudden Valley website; please consider signing up: https://suddenvalley.com/alerts

For more information, please contact: admin@suddenvalley.com.

Sign Up to Receive Emergency Text Message Alerts

Sudden Valley Community Association has established a system to contact residents in case of severe weather or local emergency, but we must gain your approval to receive text messages in order to make it effective. By providing your phone number HERE, you are providing SVCA with permission to send you a text message with information in these rare circumstances.

For more information on this new service, please contact the Technology Administrator at it@suddenvalley.com.