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NWS Fire Weather Watch Warning

Fire Weather Watch
The National Weather Service in Seattle has Issued a Fire Weather
watch for Gusty winds and Low Humidity, Which is in effect From
Monday Morning Through Wednesday Evening.

  • Affected Area, Fire Weather Zones 651, 655, 656, 657, 658,
    659 and 661.
  • Winds, East 10 to 20 MPH with Gusts Up to 40 MPH.
  • Relative Humidity, As Low As 10 – 20 Percent.
  • Impacts, a Combination of Moderate Breezes, Low Relative
    Humidity, and Warm Temperatures Can Contribute to Rapid Rates
    of Spread and Down – Wind Spotting on Existing Fires.
    A Fire Weather watch Means That There is a Potential for Critical
    Fire Weather Conditions to Develop. Monitor the Forecasts For
    Possible Red Flag Warnings.