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Traffic Update

When?                12/21/17 – until weather conditions change

Where?               Rotunda exit on Windward Dr.

What?                  The normal exit is icy and has not responded to de-icer . We have placed                                  traffic  delineators to indicate the normal exit is blocked. Please follow the                                    traffic devices and proceed to the second exit to leave the area safely.

Icy Roads and Bad Weather Basics

Ice on the ground!  Go slow, be safe and sound!

Good day to you all in Sudden Valley.  This morning, I saw ice on the ground heading into work and caught some black ice with my tires twice within the last week.  Thought we’d take a moment to share some Bad Weather Basics (where to find info, how we respond to snow/ice events, bus schedule changes, etc.).  Please click here for the SVCA Bad Weather Basics.

Please remember, even though we’re experiencing good weather (knock on wood), it’s below freezing at night and lots of fog settles in our area.  This makes for very icy roads in the morning.  Please include extra time in your commute and remember to allow for longer required distances to break to a stop or slow for a turn.  More useful information is in our Bad Weather Basics.