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Announcement Regarding Applicants for the November AGM

The Nominations and Elections Committee would like to announce that Gail Chiarello’s application was inadvertently overlooked in today’s count of candidates. The application was received in advance of the deadline and was stored in a safe location separate from the other applications that were received. Because of this, it was not processed during the regular meeting. Ms. Chiarello will appear on the ballot as the only candidate for the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Ballot Box Security Update

You may have noticed the SVCA Ballot Box outside the Administration Office was closed Monday for lock replacement.  We closed the ballot box because a search for keys turned up more ballot box keys than should exist.  We found an original key plus other keys that were clearly not originals.  All of the keys opened the ballot box. There may be additional keys we did not find and anyone with a key could have removed ballots. That is not a good thing for ballot security or a fair election.

If you cast your SGM recall election ballot in the SVCA Ballot Box before 8 am Monday July 25 and want to be re-assured your ballot was not pilfered, please contact N&E Chair Nancy Alyanak at bodalyanak@suddenvalley.com.   N&E committee members collected and registered those vulnerable ballots.  We can check your name or your div/lot number against our list of registered ballots.

N&E Organizational Meeting

After a couple of delays in the meeting time the N&E Committee was able to meet at 5:30PM on Saturday after the AGM. Elected as Chair was Linda Bradley and Nancy Alyanak was elected Secretary. The next N&E meeting is Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00PM to certify the 2020 AGM election voting results.
Thank you to the 2020 N&E Committee for a successful year and all your excellent work on Saturday. Although a long day, in the end, a highly successful completion to see that all voting was tabulated and reported.