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Reminder: SVCA Pet Requirement for SVCA Parks and Common Property

There has been a number of inquiries made in regards to what the rules are for pets on-leash at Sudden Valley parks and common property, and who approved these requirements. The following excerpt is from an approved motion made at the July 21st, 2016 Special Board of Directors meeting:

a. Dog Rules and Regulations

MOTION TO: Approve amendment to the Rules and Regulations 6.7 to state that dogs are allowed on SVCA common property on leash except as otherwise posted marked as “off leash” or “no dogs allowed” … as designated by appropriate signage. A portion of the Marina will be an “off leash” area. The AM/PM Beach will be “no dogs” area.

Amended Motion: Amend Rules and Regulations 6.7 to include dogs off leash at campground and air strip.