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Road Work Starts Tomorrow in Sudden Valley

Starting Wednesday, June 13, 2018, our 2018 road repair activities begin. Work includes patching roads and clearing storm water ditches in preparing for later in the summer micro-sealing in Gates 1, 2, 9 and 13. We can all expect some traffic delays while a road or pot hole is patched. Traffic control will be provided at locations where delays may occur.

The planed areas for work through the first part of July 2018 are as follows:

Wednesday, June 13th through Monday, June 18th.

  • Re-routing traffic exiting the Rotunda mailbox site
  • Windward Drive, directly below the Rotunda: Re-establish the storm water ditch
  • Windward Drive, directly below the Rotunda: Improve storm water drainage to culvert.
  • Windward Drive exit at Lake Whatcom Boulevard: Road repair
  • Windward Drive entrance at Lake Whatcom Boulevard: Pothole repair

Tuesday June 19th through Friday June 22nd

  • Cold Spring Lane: Re-establish a storm water ditch
  • Morning Glory Drive: Road surface patching

Monday June 25th through Wednesday June 27th

  • Western Lane: Road repair

Thursday June 28th through Monday July 2

  • Polo Park Drive: Bridge drainage maintenance

Tuesday July 3rd through July 6th

  • Marigold Drive: Road repair
  • Barn View parking lot, temporary pothole repairs

Pothole and Repair Status

Members may notice quite a few grey spray-painted areas on roads that still require repair work.  All damaged road areas throughout the association were marked that way early this year. The potholes rated as the most hazardous, requiring immediate repair, have now been repaired. Those that remain were not slated for repair in this round of road work.  The work completed this year sets the stage for micro sealing roads next year if the roads measure on the November AGM ballot passes.  The remaining areas marked in grey will be repaired with the micro seal, and some pot holes will be repaired before a micro sealant is applied.

Please contact Mitch Waterman gm@suddenvalley.com if you have questions or desire to discuss.