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SVCA Crew Responding to Snowy Conditions

As the snow continues to fall we will continue to plow and sand until it stops and the roads are as safe as we can make them. As of Saturday morning, it’s not recommended that any vehicles travel the roads in Sudden Valley or the roads to town unless they are equipped with Four-Wheel Drive, snow tires, or chains. It’s a big help to our crews to have the roads free of trash cans or other obstacles, please make sure your belongings are tucked away from the street if you are able to do so safely.

We are expecting another storm Sunday morning, so we will have crews monitoring and responding to snow and ice conditions around the clock for as long as needed. If you have any issues or if you have a snow incident that you would like to report, please use this form. In an emergency, you should always call 9-1-1. We will update the community as the need arises. Please stay safe and warm. 

Capital Roads Announcement


Gate 1’s 2020 capital roads project’s contract has just been awarded and the contractor will start staging construction equipment on Monday, August 10th. To improve efficiency and reduce traffic at the Gate 1 entrance/exit points, the Contractor’s designated staging location will at the Temporary Parking on the east side of the old Rotunda. For the duration of the project, Temporary Parking area will be relocated close by as shown in yellow on the attached Rotunda map. Watch Sudden Valley’s website and the weekly member’s e-Blast for more details on the planned 2020 work in Gate 1

Please direct questions to Bruce Bishop, bruce@suddednvalley.com or (360) 724-8000.

Road Striping

Pavement marking layout is currently underway, and it is estimated that road striping will begin next week. Striping will be an ongoing activity over the next couple of weeks, and weather-dependent will be wrapped up by mid-September. Please note that no road striping will occur on Fridays.

We do not anticipate any road closures. There should be minimal impact to traffic other than a slow vehicle applying the paint. Please drive cautiously so as not to drive over the wet paint.

Roads Microsurfacing 7/24 – 7/29

Commencing Wednesday, July 24th, Intermountain Slurry will begin microsurfacing the roads around Sudden Valley. Please see the project map and details below for more information.

The contractor will post notifications on residents’ doors informing them in advance of the work which will be taking place. Please note that cars parked on the side of the road will have to be moved by midnight the evening before or will be towed by Heston Hauling.