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Reminder: Use of the Tennis Courts

With summer approaching and residents eager to make use of Sudden Valley’s amenities, we would like to kindly remind everyone of the Rules and Regulations concerning the Tennis Courts:


SVCA Rules & Regulations, Section 9

9. Tennis Courts:

9.1 Wearing “street shoes” is not allowed on the courts.

9.2 Glass containers are prohibited on the courts.

9.3 The tennis courts are to be used only to play tennis, i.e. skating, bicycles, and pets are prohibited inside the tennis courts.

9.4 Spectators and persons waiting to play should remain outside the fenced area.

9.5 Special events take priority over general use, but only during the times posted for the event.

9.6 Playing tennis takes priority over use of the basketball backboard.

9.7 The courts may be subject to seasonal scheduling limitations through a reservation system administered by the Recreation Department.

9.8 Players shall be responsible for ensuring that they or their spectators do not interfere with groups playing on the adjacent court.

Contact: Norm Smith, Compliance, Safety, and Security Manager – (360) 746-8437 or norm@suddenvalley.com