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Update on Huckleberry Park

The gravel installation at Huckleberry Park is 50% done. Next Monday staff will continue gravel work, then install the remaining boarder section and complete tie in work from the grass to the boarder edge.   The gravel area was expanded to meet safety requirements, deepened to allow softer landings, and a fabric mat installed to prevent grasses from coming up through the gravel.  Staff have also decided to expand the walk path up to the park for ease of strollers

Ready for mom’s and tykes next week.

2018 SGM

At the Thursday, February 22nd, Board of Directors meeting, members of the Sudden Valley Strong community group presented the Board President with a petition calling for a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the membership.

The Sudden Valley Strong group recommends a 5 year special assessment of no more than $11/month per developed lot and no more than $8/month per undeveloped lot to pay for the two pools, the Gym and Recreation Center, parks and trails. The measure also would make these amenities available to all SVCA owners at no additional cost.

Per SVCA Bylaws Article ll Section 2, a petition supported by 10% of the membership compels the Association to call an SGM. The signatures with the submitted petition were vetted on Friday February 23rd. Of the 382 submitted signatures, 13 were disqualified leaving 369 valid signatures which is 55 greater than the required 314 minimum number. A preliminary date of April 21st was discussed as the tentative election date.

Additional information will be provided through the Views, SVCA Web Site, and direct mailing. A special meeting of the Board has been scheduled for Thursday March 1st where members can attend or watch on live streaming.