Temporary Speed Bumps on Deer Run Lane

Concerns regarding rain water drainage negatively impacting homes on Deer Run Lane were reported to the Association, which resulted in a field investigation today, November 30th, 2016. 

From our observations we determined the following issues:

  • Multiple home driveway drains were blocked causing excessive water to flow in sheets down the street rather than being properly diverted into the storm swale on the west side of Deer Run Lane.
  • The storm water swale was filled with debris not allowing water to properly flow from the street through the swale to a drain culvert running under the street.
  • Drainage from the culvert has been washing out the culvert between deer Run and Harbor View.
  • Age has impacted the road angle so that it is not adequately directing water off the road into the storm swale for proper drainage.

As a result of our field investigation, Maintenance is performing the following temporary actions on Deer Run Lane.

  • Clearing the swale to enable easy water flow and transition
  • Placing temporary speedbumps on Deer Run Lane. The speed bumps are placed to contain placement of sand bags used to divert water off the road towards the swale.
  • Clearing driveway drains to stop water from sheeting down the street towards homes on the opposite (downhill) side of the street.
  • Installing temporary warning signs on Deer Run Lane advising of the speed bumps.

Our On-Call Engineer from Wilson Engineering will visit the site today to inspect the culvert drainage between Deer Run and Harbor View Drive.  Based on that Engineering review, we expect additional steps to be taken to protect Deer Run Lane and adjacent home owners from rain water drainage.

I am asking you to please drive slowly down Deer Run Lane, slow cautiously over the speed bumps so as to not harm them and for traffic safety.  These may be in place until spring time when we can effect permanent changes that will not be as intrusive.

Staff will be contacting owners with clogged drains asking them to ensure they are clear and operating correctly and the steps required to minimize hazards and damage to the road and community.

Please contact me if you have any questions or issues regarding this, or other issues of concern.

~ Mitch Waterman