Thank You, Sudden Valley!

In January of this year, SVCA members petitioned to hold a Special General Election to adopt a small Dues increase in order to allow SVCA to provide a ten year effort to revitalize the stormwater system protecting our roads, and more robust maintenance and ACC support to our community. We are pleased to announce that ALL THREE measures have passed! The Association wishes to thank each and every member who supported these measures, and to let you know that we are honored to have your trust. In return, you have our full commitment to our continued striving towards excellence and improvements, and that we will remain accountable and communicative in the spending of the additional funds that the Association has been entrusted with.

Thank you, Sudden Valley, together we can make great things happen!

Election Results are as follows:

Measure 1:       Yes: 802          No: 440                       Measure Passed by 64.6%

Measure 2:       Yes: 794          No: 449                       Measure Passed by 63.9%

Measure 3:       Yes: 753          No: 489                       Measure Passed by 60.6%