Transfer Fee Refund Program Update

The first phase of the Transfer Fee Refund Program is coming to a close and we would like to share a progress update with the community.

Since the kickoff, Epiq, the company managing the program on behalf of SVCA, has received 1,199 refund applications. This represents over two-thirds of the property transfers where the additional transfer fee of one-quarter of 1% of the sale price of the property was paid. As planned, these first-phase refund checks will be processed and mailed at the same time and should be received before the end of November.

A second phase of outreach will begin before the end of the year for the remaining one-third of property transfers that paid the additional one-quarter of 1% fee.

The SVCA is making every effort to ensure that all additional transfer fees originally placed in the Capital Reserve Holding Account are distributed. If you have a question about this program, please email Joel Heverling, Finance Director, at