Trash Can Compliance

Community Compliance Topic – Maintenance/Storage of Trash and Recycling Receptacles

Commencing mid-May compliance will be focusing on residents that leave their trash cans and or recyclables containers out on the street beyond the 24 hours after trash/recycle pickup. The following is an excerpt from the Sudden Valley Rules and Regulations that address this topic:

“2.1.5 Sanitary Services Required for All Developed Property – (f) Maintenance/Storage of Trash and Recycling Receptacles – Trash and recycling cans, receptacles, boxes, and containers must be removed from the street and stored in accordance with ACC Guideline 14.11.5, except for a twenty-four (24) hour period before normal trash pick-ups or a twenty-four (24) hour period following trash pick-ups.”

This will be a twofold process, the first being education (such as this announcement) and security notifying the resident in person.

The second phase will be issuance of a notice of violation with a monetary fine.

By moving the trash cans and recyclables containers off the street, this not only improves the ascetics of the community but lessens the chance of damage to the containers, theft of the containers and improves traffic safety by not having these containers out on the street.

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