Vacancy on the Board of Directors

The SVCA Board of Directors is seeking to appoint one new director to fill  a vacant position on the SVCA Board of Directors.  The new appointee’s term will expire immediately following the November 5, 2022 AGM meeting.   

Members interested in applying for the position should complete a Board Vacancy Candidate Application. The required application form for this vacancy may be downloaded from the SVCA website Announcements page.  Paper application forms can be found in the pamphlet file outside the Administration Office.

The application period begins Friday, May 27, 2022 and ends Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 4:30 pm. Completed applications must be hardcopy and received at the Administration Office by the published deadline. Emailed applications will not be accepted. Application instructions are provided with the application form.

Bylaws require the position to be advertised for at least 30 days and filled within 60 days.  Should no applications be received during the application period, an extension of an additional 30 days will be  announced and  the membership notified.

Once candidate applications have been submitted, the application period has ended, and the candidates have been vetted, the Nominations & Elections(N&E) Committee Chair will inform the Board that a date for candidate interviews, Board voting, and appointment of the new board member can be set.

The Board will determine their interview process and date; then the Board will choose the new member by a majority vote in open session.  Following the vote, the Board president announces the new director,  the new director joins the Board, and the meeting continues.

 If only one candidate has applied, there is no need for an  interview or voting.  That applicant, if qualified,  will be appointed to the board. 

Contact the N&E Committee chair at if you have any questions or need additional information.  A detailed  explanation of the board vacancy procedure can be found  in the SVCA Nominations and Elections Committee Manual, Section 11.0: Filling a Board Director Vacancy Between AGMs.  Find the N&E Manual on the SVCA website under the tab for “Resident Resources: Governing Documents: Board Resolutions, Rules & Regulations.”